Call for papers for Learning Tech #7

23. oktober 2018

The focus in Learning Tech 7 is “The future of reading in a school context”.

The digital development has significantly changed the use of media both in and outside of schools. Consequently, national and international focus has turned to reading as a competence under pressure and/or development, depending on your perspective. It greatly impacts the perception and practice of reading in a school context.

On one hand, the latest Danish study of leisure reading and media habits in children (Børns læsning, 2017) shows that Danish children spend increasingly less time reading literature. According to PIRLS 2016, a concurrent trend is that Danish children have a harder time reading and understanding the texts they are tested in. The conclusion is that Danish children’s love of reading and their reading skills are under pressure. On the other hand, several researchers are busy investigating the new possibilities offered by the digital development in terms of reading and acquiring reading skills through new media and the use of modality. We are also seeing that reading fiction is regaining ground in schools and in the educational system in general. This is among other things due to research pointing to the fact that reading builds empathy, and that reading fiction is also considered to be culturally and personally formative.

In Learning Tech 7 we wish to put focus on reading in school in a digital age where research and development point in multiple directions. Where is the development taking us, and what is the future of reading in a school context? What does the latest research in the field show, and which trends are there in the development and use of learning materials and didactic use of technology?

We therefore call for research papers focused on for example:

  • Reading of different media, including the comprehensive learning materials digitalisation that has taken place in schools over the past years. What is the impact of digitalisation on reading?
  • Teaching and materials trends in reading now and in the future. What will the schools be like in ten years’ time?
  • National and international studies, experiences and knowledge. How is reading taught outside the Danish realm, and what are the reading trends there?
  • How does reading impact the schools of today?
  • Learning materials for reading at all levels of the educational system. What do the learning materials look like and how have they changed over time?
  • How may technology support or change the way we teach reading?


Deadline for submission of abstracts is 1 February 2019.

Deadline for submission of articles is 1 April 2019.

Double-blind peer review will be performed in April and May 2019. Deadline for submission of final manuscript is 15 August 2019.

Learning Tech 7 will be published in October/November 2019.

Here you’ll find guidelines for writing for Learning Tech.


Please direct any questions to our e-mail:

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